Amy Lee (llyrafantasyfae) wrote,
Amy Lee

I am sure everybody on my list has heard of these by now, but if not here goes. She is having a give-away if you post on your sites. I would love to win these. If it wasn't right after CoCox2 I would try and talk hubby into letting me buy them.

The Devonshires are a leather 18th century shoe based on museum examples from the 1760s through 1780s. They're made of top-grade dyable leather, with a beautiful, smooth Italian leather sole for dancing, and are hard-wearing, water- and mud-proof, for even the toughest of outdoor re-enactments.

Pre-Order the Devonshires through August 10, and get the special $100 price. We're only making 200 of these shoes, so don't miss the chance to own one of only a couple hundred pair on the planet! Visit to order.

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