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Amy Lee
10 February 2017 @ 11:52 am

Real quick post because I am suppose to be studying. And I know how quickly I can fall down a rabbit hole with the internet.

First week of med/surg done! I passed the timed math test so I can pass meds!!!

Diets going ok. Will see how the study/ stress munchies affect things.

New app works.... kind of. Not all pics show up. 😖

Speaking of pics. Baka actually wanted to cuddle. She is not photogenic at all! I promise she is not as miserable as she looks. She WAS purring!!!! Little is at my feet. I should stay here all day but I need to get back to the books.

Amy Lee
04 February 2017 @ 01:11 am
So I can  get lost again in it when I start the semester again on Monday. But since its been 3 months since I posted last, I though it might be a good idea to say hi.
I use to wonder why people who were in school or  just had kids fell off the face of  the costuming world. I mean come on you can always find spare moments to sew, right! HA! I need to go smack my past self for being so niave. Those spare moments, yea, they get filled up with other things. And one day you wake up and realize 3 months have gone by and you haven't sewn a damn thing.  Add in a ton of anxiety, a little depression and a faulty LJ app and I didn't even post on here. I got a new LJ app so I am hoping my posting or at minimum reading and commenting will be a little more consistant.
I think its so cool the cosfit group is active again. I lost 10lbs over the semester. Only to gain pretty much all of it back ove the holidays. Holiday yummies and a wave of depression hit me really hard. Hubby and I have plans to eat healthy and get back on track starting next week. A biggest loser between the two of us going until my birthday/WonderCon. Winner gets $100 at WonderCon to use as they wish. I would join in with the cosfit BUT I need to see if Ihave any luck posting first.
I don't forsee any sewing happening in the next 8 weeks. I have Med/Surg for the first half of the semester (the 8 weeks) and have been warned multiple times that I won't have a life. It sucks only because I was getting to the point of shaking off the blues and wanting to work on things. It doesn't help that the Jane Austen Evening was last weekend, where hanging with friends in all their pretties always inspires me. I have Blackwork I need to work on, Hopefully that is enough to keep me inspired, till the second half of the semester when I should have more time to maybe sneak in a small project. I am at the stage where I am not actively planning anything. But my brain is going nuts. :) I'm hoping to knock out all sorts of things come summer break.
So what have I been up to:
I got a B+ in my first semester of Nursing school. Soooo close!!!! to an A. Then we went straight away into getting ready for Christmas. I made a ton of presents and crafty holday things. I think my fravorite was my wreath. I have always wanted one but could never found one that had everything I wanted/liked. So I made one. :)
I've always want a wreath but couldn't find one I loved. So I made one. #icrafty #christmaswreath #christmascrafting #christmastime
Shortly after the holidays we got our reading lists so my motivation died.
Got the reading list for the first 8 weeks of the second semester. #goodbyesociallife Grateful #WonderCon at the beginning of my spring break. Though I doubt if there will be any time for new #cosplays 😖.#nursingschool #nursingstudent
The most I could muster was doing photo shoots. But I must admit. I really really enjoy doing them. The first one I did was an idea for Veterans day. I'd like to redo it. It didn't come out the way I envisioned. I was trying to get the shots done at sunset. We quickly lost light so so many of the shots came out blurry. :( My main goal was not overly sexy out of respect for the flag.
Veterans shootCollapse )

The next one was an Ice fairy/nymph/queen. I still don't have the full costume done. I still need to make the me sized wings and dress. But its one of those things where the make-up and idea has been in my head so long it needed to come out. So I'm thinking of it as a test run. These make me go back and forth between, "Hey I'm pretty" and " what the hell was I thinking??? I am not creative enough to pull this stuff off.
Ice FairyCollapse )

The next one I did, I treated not as just photography but as an art expression. I think I am the most self concious of this one. I was trying to convey a fallen angel. I know I just used Christmas lights on my head but I wanted the Halo look but I also liked that they had a crown of torns look
fallen angelCollapse )
The Jane Austen Evening gave me a chance to take pics also. If you are patient with me and are willing to give me a chance to be a little more artistic, I love to take pics. Thankfully the gals who I went with let me play. Especially Katherine. I'm not sure how many times she had to have heard, let me try that again. But I think it was worth it. The full album is on my flickr.
Some of my favoritesCollapse )
I have a project that I want to do. I need all my talented and beautiful friends to help. Now I do realise it may not be anytime soon but I figure if I mention it now maybe you guys can start thinking of ideas. The project I want to do is recreate portraits or paintings. Ideally I'd like to do it on a level where I am close to a studio setting. Or in fun locals. I just know I have friends who can recreate a gown and era to perfection. Some of you are already good at getting great shots that look like you've stepped out of a painting. But if you are interested in shots that don't just look posed, in your creations, let me know. Its something I really want to do.
Amy Lee
04 November 2016 @ 04:55 pm
Remember when I use to sew and be crafty? Or even play dress up and wear pretty pretty things.... *sigh* yea.... me neither.
I had my third test of the semester today, and I got a C. Pretty sure my chances of getting an A this semester are now gone. My lunch may or may not have consisted of just chocolate. They've told us from the begining that if you are use to getting A's be prepared for B's. And this was supposively the hardest test for the semester. And the hubby keeps getting on me for being so hard on myself. He keeps reminding me that a C nurse is still a nurse. But... I still want to crawl up somewhere and just cry. I'm tired. I haven't gotten to play in sooooooo long... Have I mentioned I'm tired. Like really really tired. *sigh* Despite all the bitching and moaning, I count my blessings daily. GUYS I'm in Nursing school. I'm doing it.
 But I still feel like crying right now, and that I want a nap.
Okay, enough bitching. I haven't posted since August, besides studying like crazy, working and school a few other things have snuck in. I think bullet points woudl be the best option at this point :)
- My brother and his wife had a baby. She had a little boy already, so I've been an Auntie for a little while. But this is the first one born into our family. For me it isn't a huge thing. Like I said, Brother's wife came with a kid and I don't see blood as making you more family than non blood. But my mom (step mom, for some this helps clarify things) it is. She went off the freakin deep end. It brought up some things. She's never treated me the same as my brothers, which this is bringing back out. And my other brother is dating a gal that has 4 kids that are suddenly chop liver next to the new baby. Its stupid. I'm avoiding my mom. It's easier that way. But I do like a new baby. New baby means baby sewing!!!!
-The only things I've sewn have been two outfits for the baby,  alterations to a guild members Halloween costume and heming my uniforms. The baby outfits are from a vintage pattern and I used vintage lace. I think they are sweet.
- We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Baka, Shinobi of the Sand. She loves the dog. Seriously, the dog is her favorite thing in the world. Her favorite human is my husband. Who could care less. Cats are not his thing. She sleeps with him, she jumps into his lap and curls up in the crook of his arm. I'm not sure if its the cutest thing in the world or if I am jealous. She only seems to like me when its o'dark thrity in the morning and I am getting ready in the bathroom. Then she finds me, after she watches the toilet flush, Probably her second favorite thing in the world, the toilet. She's an odd one. Its been kind of stressful transitioning with her and Little Man.  Little Man has been really good about it all but he is showing his grumpy old man self. And he does have a touch of jealousy in him. Doesn't like to share my lap if she's there too.
- No real dress up events. I did go to a evening with St. George. The Noble Renaissance guild out here. I wore my black kirtle and silk waistcoat. Its to fancy to wear with St. Ives. But did not come close to the fancy that was St. George. It was a very enjoyable evening despite being late because of traffic.
We were suppose to go to Comikaze but decided to cancel so I could study. :(
- I voted for the first time. I know, I am bad... I'm one of those who doesn't normally. I'll admit. I don't see the point. The powers on high once things trickle down have very little impact on my day to day life. There are a few things I will fight tooth and nail for, but besides those few things I am very 'whatever' about life. I have my opinion, you can have yours and we are good to go. In fact I encourage opposing educated debate. By all means broaden my outlook. But politics irritate me. People get nasty. People I respect, I suddenly don't. I have been left several several times with my only thought being " HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID!!!!!!" I don't want to mess with it. I go back to when push comes to shove, very little in politics actually impacts my day to day life.  Besides, I'm an uneducated (about the props and people and their stances) voter. Isn't that almost worse than me not voting. I'll admit it is probably naive and you can probably show me the flaws in my thinking... but really, lets not, because politics... blah. But I voted. Because it suddenly became, HOLY SHIT, this might actually become a reality, and that's scary.
- I've been trying to still do creative things. I get super depressed if I don't. I must admit though with how tired I am it almost seems like a chore, and saps the creativity. I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't. My outlet has been photography. Mostly because I'm moding a photography challenge instagram/facebook site. If you like photography and want something to challenge you, please join! This is a few of the things (edited, I haven't edited all of them yet), I did for the October challenge.

 I seem to be posting more on instagram if you want to see a little bit more of my life. https://www.instagram.com/chocoboninjacosplays/ and my photography one.
I have also been doing more artistic ones.  These were done as a tribute for verterns with PTSD. My friend took them because she was inspired after hearing about some of my struggles with PTSD. The last one is from an app. It paints your pictures in different styles. I seriously wish I knew how to paint. I'm in love with that pic.  I'd like to hang it up on my wall. Maybe I'll commision someone else to do it. You know... when I have money again. :)

I am sure there is more... but I really need to get working on a research paper. I miss you guys! I am so behind on your posts. But I try and read. I try and comment too. But I am behind. And I miss you all. It makes me sad because checking LJ and seeing what you guys are up to makes me happy.
Amy Lee
25 August 2016 @ 01:31 pm
I think by week 3 I'll have read more in Nursing school than I have up till this in my collage career!
So I'm taking breaks to save sanity. And on one of those breaks o found this!

Sith Rey!!!! I love it! jenthompson If you ever wear your Kylojen (non Edwardian version) to Costume College, can I tag along in this?
Amy Lee
16 August 2016 @ 12:00 am
I've been thinking about what to do next since Costume College. I am soaring with ideas. SOOOOOO MANY IDEAS. I just want to create. Its very much CADD though. I wanted to jump onto the sprakly Worth gown idea. Beacuse SPARKLES. But I A. don't know that my skills are Worth gown worthy yet, and B. those gowns require a figure. Either an itty bitty waist that you can add lots of padding to hips and bust or a figure,can be plus sized, but has those natural or corseted killer curves. I'm currently to far into the plus sized. I'm more round then curvy. Did I mention I am back to the dieting. I hit my high weight again after this last semseter. Sobering as all hell to be back up there. And to buy my nursing uniforms and be the largest one there. I don't want to be a fat nurse. I want to graduate 2 sizes or more smaller. I am taking water aerobics in the fall as the first of I am sure many baby steps. I just know if there is a grade involve I won't be able to make up excuses.
Anyway back to the CADD. So I was telling Katherine about my gripes about Worth gowns that I mentioned above. She told me to broaden my search. Worth made gowns for several decades. Which led me to find he made fancy dresses. FANCY DRESSES!!!!! And then I found two gowns that I could combine. And while maybe not 100% accurate I kind of don't care. And guys this gown is going to be EPIC. Spangles, rhinestones, beads,beetle wings, metal embroidery and a train of DOOOOOM. I can't get it out of my head! I was iffy on price but was justifiying it to myself by it being my only costume I spend any money on. Then I looked up prices to Silk Satin..... FUUUUUUDDDDDGGGGEEEEE..... Did I mention the fabic sucking train of doom.*insert pouty face here* I was pretty sure I was shelving the gown but still clinging to hope. Then I bought textbooks and uniforms. Your not suppose to discuss money in polite compnay, so I won't but HOLY SHIT.... Nursing school is not cheap even at a community college. I have been told that the first semester is the worst for sticker shock though. I hope so, I can't do that 3 more times.
So EPIC dress that is EPIC is shelved. No way its happening this year. I have to get crafty. Which I did. Went back through fabrics and past plans. Everything below I have 90% or more of the stuff for.
I have the fabric and patterns for a 1910s suit. Which I was super excited to do. I even have insertion lace for the blouse (shirtwaist I think its called). I have the corset, and shoes, and Ithink stockings. I have a pair of combinations that I have to complete and possibly see if they still fit.
Winter fairy. I have most of the fabric for this already. I have plans for smocked fantasy sleeves. I have spangles. I have plans for other sparkly winter icy bits. It's a fantasy dress. Probably would have been better for this years gala but oh well. "I do what I want!!!!"
I have plans to make an overgown, a blackworked partlet and new chemse for faire season. I can wear that to CoCo also. I just need some new linen and trim pieces.
I want to make the 18th century jacket and petticoat that I got the fit to me pattern at CoCo. This may change with the weight loss but I learned a lot in that class that I can hopefully repeat the draping process.I have the fabric for this.
I don't plan to make anything new for JAE. Regency isn't high on my list of eras. I really like the gown I wore to the Gala this year. I am perfectly okay with wearing it again. Though I do plan to finish the Vernet group dress ( I am still riddled with guilt for not finishing it,) which I have all the supplies for. There was talk of possibly taking tea at the Huntington before the ball next year. If that happens I plan to wear it there.
And lastly, Something I don't have the fabric for. I want to make the Gothic Fitted Gown-esque Harly Quinn. It'll probably be a Christmas and Birthday money type project, though.

And to make this rambling post more so. I had another photoshoot.

It was a joint adventure with 2 gals from my digital class. We did a Wasteland/Post Apocalyptic Shoot. It was alot of fun. I hope even if I can't do EPIC dresses of EPICNESS that I can keep shooting. I get the same ceative rush. The Flickr album is linked via the photo bleow. Photos of me were taken by my classmate but all the others in the album were taken by myself.
Amy Lee
08 August 2016 @ 12:31 am
I finished editing CoCo pics today. So a little under a week to edit 81 pics. That was a pain. And now Flickr is being a royal pain in the butt. I think I could upload a pic at a time on here and it'd go faster. BLAH.
I don't know if I would say this was the best CoCo ever but it was different, and I say different in a good way. I was far less anxious. There was some nervousness but it was minor compared to normal. From Katherine roaming the halls with me to catch Pokemon on the first night, to Aubry being the best hostess on our last night, my Roommates were awesome, (duh!) which always helps.
I had fun even though I was wearing mostly oldies. I think it helped I was focusing on photography. I have things I need to work on. Low light, I tried but almost all of them were crap. So if I took a pic of you and you don't see it in the Flickr link, Its not that I hate you. Its a picture that shouldn't see the light of day. Hopefully next year will be better. I also need to work on getting faster at composing my picture. Some of the better ones I got are the ones from when I had a patient model.
I only got one photo of myself on my camera and a few on my phone. So I am going to have to hunt through everyone else's for good photos. So instead I am going to just post my favorites from the ones I took.
Thursday: Low light so pretty much everything I took was HORRIBLE.
the_aristocat was my first vic...er... model. This one isn't as crisp as I would like but it ain't bad.
Friday: My favorite part of it was the Star Wars group. I wore another costume to the social but I really didn't care for the social. The announcer was flat out rude. She didn't just shush us. She told us to shut up without actually saying those exact words.
I wish I was better at the editing part so I could take out the wrinkles and folds of the background on these.
I loved everything about jenthompson's outfit. So many details.
bauhausfrau mod Darth Vadar. Her 3-D printed pieces were perfect.
nuranar had the Leia look down. Many thanks to her for being super patient with me to get the second photo.
coco 2016coco2016-26
twilatee was a hoot as hippy Chewie.
I don't have any pics of koshka_the_cat. I must have taken them on her camera. I also don't have any of myself. But I got the professional shoot photos back from Comic Con which I will share later. I did get one of my battle damaged Little Red.
Flickr and LJ keep fighting with me so I'm just going to post a few of my favorites.  I may go back in and fill in info but it won't be tonight! I weeded out the obvious ugly ones but if its a pic of you and you hate it let me know and I will take it down. I have the raw files, if there's interest in them let me know and I can forward it on. Here's the Flickr link. But again its being stupid so some might be missing.There is suppose to be 83.
coco 2016coco2016-67coco2016-79
Amy Lee
03 August 2016 @ 11:03 pm
I know I said I would post pics today, but I'm only about a third of the way through editing them. I'm disappointed in a lot of them. I need to up my game in low light, especially at CoCo and the events being indoors at night.
But I got some gems too. That sounds vain but dang it they're good.
Amy Lee
01 August 2016 @ 02:13 pm
I'm a little sad I don't have time to do a proper write up. I was bad and didn't get my final assignment photos taken while there so I have to figure out something, plus write a paper. When I get done with those I will download the photos I took and start editing them. I'm hoping by Wednesday I will have stuff to share.
I did have a wonderful time. I was so afraid that after last year Costume College would forever be tainted for me. But thankfully I was wrong. I am inspired, and enjoyed many great moments. I am still surprised that all you cool and talented and lovely people want to hang out with me. It makes my heart happy. More on that later! I have a paper to write! And a kitty to snuggle who actually forgave me leaving him right away.
Amy Lee
27 July 2016 @ 08:11 am
So you know how I've been taking photography classes for kicks and giggles. Will you guys be my models at CoCo? I'd like to work on portrait style photos. Not your standard Sears style or photo booth photo either. I can explain more in person.
I also have my final project I have to work on that I would love help with. I have to give my interpretation of a twilight zone episode. Help is greatly appreciated. Practice is welcomed. And hey you may get some nice photos out of it. Of course I am a student so no garuntees.
Amy Lee
26 July 2016 @ 09:57 am
Thank you guys for support and input last post. It made the thought of all old costumes more bearable.
I entertained a lot of thoughts. With Loren's suggestion of my Victorian Capt'n America I thought of doing Cap all weekend. I have close to enough versions now. But all use the same corset and after Comic Con that corset is no longer an option.
But I have another plan. And Katherine provided some inspiration, (dang her 😜). So I'm happy with the new plan.
This is my line up.
Thursday: civvies, maybe with a retro vibe.
Friday- BB-8 it was a huge hit at Comic Con. Hubby thinks it's my most complimented cosplay yet. And I like it! It needs a few tweaks but nothing major.
Social: Dark Little Red. Going more Goth and battle damaged
Saturday: 18th century undies. I have a class all morning and early afternoon. There's a few hours before the gala but truth is I don't have the energy to shove a costume in there.
Gala: Jane Austen Evening gown but with spangles. Maybe new sleeves on under gown. Depends how tonight goes. Taking dad out to dinner for his b-day then will work on a mock up.
Sunday: Game of Thrones, generic character dress. Dress is eh, but it's comfy and easy. I can wear tennis shoes with it if my ankle wants, and I love the hair.